With the Attune® Acoustic Focusing Cytometer, you dont have to make compromises – not only can you get a high sample throughput rate you can also get high precision when analyzing precious samples or detecting rare events.

The Thermo Scientific* ISQ LT GC-MS System is the time-proven single quadrupole offering a robust solution.

For high-throughput, analytically-demanding laboratories, requiring utmost sensitivity and unstoppable productivity, the ISQ LT GC-MS offers the future-proof investment into the leading technology, simply intelligent GC-MS platform. Unlike other systems, the ISQ LT GC-MS does not need to be vented to exchange / clean the source, while enjoying industry-best sensitivity, lowest detection limits, and unlimited flexibility.

The Applied Biosystems® 2720 Thermal Cycler combines industry-standard technology from our GeneAmp® PCR System 9700—but in a more compact package and at a lower price. And of course, it provides the same reliability and performance that customers around the world have come to expect from Applied Biosystems® thermal cyclers.